709: Kathryn Wilking on Feng Shui in our Spaces


Our Guest:

Since 2012, Kathryn has been working exclusively as a Feng Shui Coach helping homeowners and businesses take charge of their space and learn to thrive, not just survive! Author of Practical Feng Shui For the Office, and host of the podcast “Feng Shui Your Day!” she teaches that Feng Shui is easy and practical while helping us create function & flow, boost productivity, and find the work-life balance.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Her story of how her second marriage to a widow and their blending of families d a challenge and she reached out to a Feng Shui consultant for assistance
    • Allowing for public and private space with all the new stuff entering her home
    • Her definition of Feng Shui –
      • It works with the function and flow.
      • Gathering supports
      • Spiritual level of things you can’t see
    • Some examples of cryptic messages
    • How to look at chi energy in the garden using the five earth energies
      • Fire, wood life, earth, metal, and water
    • Bringing the seasons into the energies and how the elements relate
    • Bringing the elements into our personal lives
    • Recognizing our personal elements by taking a quiz at her website
    • Using the colors of our energies to add energies
    • Using the ripple effect in the garden and using curves to enhance the space
    • Some tips on how to mix elements and why combining the darker and lighter colors works to add joy
    • Working with clutter and clearing distractions
    • Special offer – a 4 page PDF called 10 ways to Raise Chi-Energy, available on her website

As well as:

Her failure – The failure of her first marriage and leaving with a baby and $500

Her success – Finding Feng Shui and jumping in, and then convincing her engineer husband the why and the how of what she was doing

Her drive – Her message to help others

Her advice – Stay positive and optimistic, check our words before we speak, and allow grace for others, and finally lift your energy by just a little bit and you’ll be able to do good in the world.

Kathryn’s Book recommendations:         

Secrets of the Land by Shelly Sparks

Nature Speaks by Ted Andrews

How to reach Kathryn:  

Website: https://www.kathrynwilking.com

Email: kathryn@kathrynwilking.com 

Linked in: Kathryn Wilking

Twitter: @Kathrynwilking

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katwilking

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathrynwilkingdesigns

Spotify: Podcast: Feng Shui Your Day,  Short link:  https://buff.ly/3cdJS9B


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