707: Steve Churchill on Worm Composting


Our Guest:

Steve Churchill is the owner of the Urban Worm Company, a vermicomposting-related blog, online store, and manufacturer of the Urban Worm Bag. Through the Urban Worm blog, social media, and e-mail interactions with his readers, Steve is a joyful promoter of vermicomposting as a means to turn household and commercial waste into a highly valuable soil amendment. Steve is also a retired military veteran and a pilot for Southwest Airlines.

Listen in and learn about:

  • How a gardening project needing compost and coffee grounds intrigued him enough to start studying worm castings.
  • How he was not finding what he needed on the internet
  • Deciding to start a blog to help others like him learn about vermicomposting
  • Developing a relationship with his readers
  • Comparing various styles of vermicomposting and continuous flow vermicomposting
  • Describing his worm bag
  • What the dripping “worm tea” is and why this is not desirable
  • How cardboard is great for worms and what to watch for
  • Setting up the worm bag for ideal composting
  • Don’t rush it, how to take it step by step
  • How to recognizes the signs for what is happening in the worm bag
  • What worms eat, ratios and knowing when to feed
  • Why worm compost is so good for your garden soil
  • How bees love plants fed with worm compost better
  • Getting science-y on the different kinds of worms
  • Why a lack of worms means your soil is missing something
  • The Urban Worm Bag and The Urban Worm Bag Eco
  • Discount Code: UrbanFarm

As well as:

  • His failure – The first version of his worm bag, and he learned the value of the right material for the job
  • His success – Staying a small company and being accessible to his customers
  • His drive – A constant fear of a deathbed wish that things were different
  • His advice – Keep doing things you are slightly uncomfortable with, never get comfortable

Steve’s Book recommendations:  

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

How to reach Steve:           

Website:  UrbanWormCompany.com/UrbanFarm

YouTube: Urban Worm Company

Instagram: @UrbanWormCo

Email: Steve@UrbanWormCompany.com


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