705: How Do You Store Your Seeds


— Do seeds expire?

— Common seed expiration dates and how they were determined

— Open call for information on who created the expiration list

— Heirloom California Onion seeds from the 1940’s

— Germ testing for seeds to determine average starting success

— Seed libraries are resources for seeds that are “expiring” and need a home

— Best temperatures for seed storage

— Impermeable containers are best

— Opening cold seeds at room temperature and why

— Dr. Bruce Bugby and his study on seeds in preparation for traveling to Mars

— Why 80 degrees Farenheit is an important temperature to watch for in seed storage

— Ancient seeds found in clay pots

— Corn seeds and how storing has kept this crop viable

— Standards on humidity and what we don’t understand 

— Bill’s experience with 30 year old seeds stored in cardboard boxes

— The Grain Project and the goal to plant 10,000 varieties 

— The 10 year question – do we have it?

— The Great American Seed Up is here to build seed sustainability

— Mini Seed Ups through Seed Up In a Box

— Abundance – a lettuce head example

— A tease on what Bill learned on his trip to India

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