700: Rebecca Newburn on Creating Local Seed Libraries


Our Guest:

Rebecca Newburn is the Co-Founder of Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, a free seed exchange located in the Richmond Public Library in Richmond, California where she lives. The “create a library” template she designed has helped hundreds of seed libraries launch around the world. She is the webmaster for SeedLibraries.net and the editor of Cool Beans! Seed Libraries Newsletter, an international publication supporting local seed projects.

Listen in and learn about:

    • Inspiration in the overwhelming and inspiring world of permaculture
    • Saving seeds – The basis on which to create a community
    • Creating a resilient seed library model
    • What is a seed library?  How does it work?
    • Where to start when starting a seed library
    • Starting with a template from richmondgrowsseeds.org
    • Easy enough for a 6th grader
    • Preserving biodiversity – the role of seed libraries
    • Creating personal connections
    • Supporting change rather than trying to maintain control
    • Being surprised and delighted
    • Growing because of the pandemic
    • Getting people to take the next step
    • Rebecca’s advice for starting a seed library
    • Just a shoebox and a handful of seeds
    • Finding a seed library – seedlibraries.net (sister libraries page)
    • 11th Annual Seed Library Summit, a free virtual conference on February 11th, 2023.  Go to seedlibraries.net to sign up or to see previous presentations.

As well as:

Her failure – Failure is if you didn’t learn from it.

Her success – There are so many seed libraries.

Her drive – Bill McDormand’s question:  What are you doing now that has any relevance to 1000 years from now?

Her advice – Listen to what you are called to do.

Rebecca’s Book recommendations:         

by Joseph Lofthouse

Tiny Habits; The Small Changes That Change Everything  by B.J. Fogg, PhD 

How to reach Rebecca:      

Websites: richmondgrowsseeds.org   and   seedlibraries.net



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