7 Biggest DISADVANTAGES of Vertical Farming


In this video you will learn about the biggest DISADVANTAGES of vertical farming.

Is vertical farming REALLY environmentally sustainable? ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://youtu.be/JYIetQjRRfQ

Vertical farming is a subcategory of hydroponic farming where plants are not only grown without any soil but more importantly, where plants are grown upwards using vertical growth layers. While vertical farming has shown a lot of promise as the next revolution in sustainable food production, it is still far from being perfect. Thus, in this video you will learn about the 7 biggest disadvantages of vertical farming.

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The 7 biggest disadvantages of vertical farming:
0:00 High startup costs
1:15 Limited number of plants
2:58 Unsuitable for tall field crops
4:23 Highly reliant on technology
6:18 High energy consumption
7:37 Need for a highly educated workforce
8:51 Lack of people with prior experience in the field

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