606: Crystal Stevens on Regenerative Urban Farming


Bringing gardening methods full circle.

In This Podcast:

We learn from Crystal Stevens about the many inexpensive ways to build a regenerative and edible landscape using natural resources. Crystal describes the different possibilities that can be incorporated into any size space that can lead one down the path towards self-sufficiency. One of her specialties is herbs and she shares with us some of the medicinal properties of herbs and their health benefits.

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Crystal lives along the bluffs of the Mighty Mississippi River in Godfrey, Illinois with her husband, and 2 children. She is an Author, an Artist/Art Teacher, a Folk Herbalist, a Regenerative Farmer, and a Permaculturist. She has written 3 books published by New Society Publishers: Grow Create Inspire, Worms at Work, and Your Edible Yard. Crystal speaks at conferences and Mother Earth News Fairs across the United States and has been teaching a Resilient Living workshop series for over a decade.

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Crystal Stevens on regenerative urban farming.


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