504: John Lagoudakis on Business Side of Urban Farms.


Developing lead generation without giving up the farm.

In This Podcast: An online presence is important for any farmer or person in agriculture to share their products and knowledge. This episode’s guest, John Lagoudakis, professionally coaches businesses on reaching their audience. Here, he gives Urban Farmers tips on how to build their business using online strategies. Learn about the benefits of a website, the best way to use social media, and how to capture future customer’s attention using consistent, free content and genuine interaction.

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John is one of Australia’s leading Internet marketers. It all started back in 2007, when he stumbled across affiliate marketing and  within two years was able to go from $0 online, to being one of Clickbank’s top 100 affiliates worldwide.

He’s been featured in the New York Times bestseller ‘Get Rich Click’, has authored several books, and been the host of a long-running Internet marketing podcast. Today, John helps businesses create lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Google that get results fast.

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504: John Lagoudakis on Business Side of Urban Farms.


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