428: Chad Chase on Urban Farming as a Business


Building an urban farm dream.

In This Podcast: We are joined by Chad Chase, co-owner of Arrandale Farm and Urban Grounds Coffee Company. Chad has built his 2.5-acre farm from scratch, and now farms fruit trees, field crops, alpacas, and chickens. Listen in to hear how he’s building his urban farm dream and how he hopes to impact his community in the future!

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Chad Chase is the co-owner of Urban Grounds Coffee Company, a full-service coffee shop on wheels sourcing ethical, natural, local and wholesome products and ingredients. He is also a co-owner operator of Arrandale Farms, a two-acre farm in NW Phoenix that focuses on various fruit trees, field crops and chicken eggs. They currently sell farm fresh eggs at the Phoenix Public Market and the Ahwatukee Farmers Market, and in the coming months will be adding fresh fruit and vegetables as well.

Chad has a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Kirkwood Community College in Iowa, an Advanced Diploma in Mortuary Science from Des Moines Community College, and a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Northern Arizona University.

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428: Chad Chase on Urban Farming as a Business


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