351: Lisa Ziegler on Urban Farming with Flowers


Growing florals for a farming business.

In This Podcast: She married her husband for all the right reasons of course and everything was going well.  Then later Lisa Ziegler realized also got the bonus of the land and equipment she needed for the dream career she did not know she wanted.  Now Lisa is a flower farmer on a small farm in the middle of a city and loves it so much she teaches the basics of this career path to others. She recommends this as a great side business for anyone who likes gardening.

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Lisa is a cut-flower farmer, author, and speaker on organic cut-flower gardening.  She has been farming since 1998 in Southeastern Virginia on the Ziegler family homestead.  In season, her urban three-acre farm produces thousands of stems of flowers and an abundance of vegetables, which she sells to florists, supermarkets, at farmer’s markets and for her members-only farm market. In recent years, she has started leading hands-on-training on the farm for flower farmers and everyday ‘flower junkies’!  Lisa is the author of four books including Vegetables Love Flowers, The Companion Planting Guide for Beauty and Bounty by our friends at Quarto Publishing.

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