31 SCARY TikToks That Will Crawl Under Your Skin… CREEPY Videos I Found on TikTok (Vol 2)


Original stream: https://youtube.com/live/jrP3QpthqCU

Reacting to Videos from:
Unlimit Creations https://www.youtube.com/@UnlimitCreations
Dark Ghost Paranormal https://www.youtube.com/@UCuExmfyE7M9l5XDA6fdC0WQ
Alexei 2.0 https://www.youtube.com/@Alexei2.0

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Hello my loves!!! Today we are watching 31 SCARY TikToks. I love reacting to scary TikToks, so I went live here on YouTube to watch some spooky ones with you! From haunted homes to chilling ghost stories to bizarre glitch in the matrix examples, this video has a little bit of everything!
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Hi, hello, my name is Loey Lane! I also go by Loeybug on the web. No matter what name you know me by, I LOVE all things paranormal, spooky and scary. On this channel we talk about the scary side of the internet including TikTok, True Crime, internet mysteries and so much more. If you want something to keep you up at night or just to get scared on your lunch break, I’m your girl! I also love plus size fashion and body positivity. Hope you stay for awhile 😀

End card art by https://twitter.com/littlejennared
Edited by Mat McDonut https://twitter.com/matmcdonut


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