30 Top Class Gulabi Goats Of Abid Janwari Shoqeen – Gulabi Goats Farming In Pakistan @NagraFarm1


30 Top Class Gulabi Goats Of Abid Janwari Shoqeen – Gulabi Goats Farming In Pakistan ‎@NagraFarm1 

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Sheep and goat farming in Pakistan is very common and popular. Many people of Pakistan prefer the goat and sheep farming business.

Goats are known as ‘poor mans cow’ because of their small size and having good capacity of producing milk and meat highly. There are certain breeds, which are easily maintained and can produce meat or milk highly.

So, there is a great opportunities of earning some extra income for the marginal and landless farmer by raising goats.

About 90% of total goat population of the world can be found in the developing countries. And about 58% of total goat population can be found in Asia and Pacific.

Asia and Pacific goat population also contribute about 62% skin, 49% milk and 62% meat of total goat meat, milk and skin production.

Goat farming in Pakistan is also playing a significant role in the economy of this country by producing about 275 thousand tons mutton, 21.4 thousand tons hair, 25 million skins and about 851 thousand tons milk annually.

And this production contribute about 2.5% of total national income of Pakistan. The production rate is increasing day by day (see the chart below).

This huge production is coming from millions of poor, marginal or landless people and some other commercial producers.

The goat products, produced in Pakistan are of high quality and has a great demand in the international market.

Advantages/Benefits of Goat Farming in Pakistan

Goats are comparatively cheaper to buy and sell than cattle.

Easy to maintain than any other livestock.

Reproduction process begins earlier than other animal. And gestation period is very less.

You can produce wide variety of products including meat, milk, skin, fiber at a same time from goat.

Goats can survive by consuming low quality food. And in adverse condition they can survive by consuming small amount of food.

You can easily manage goats with other livestock animals and crop production.

Raising goats is very easy and simple. Even children and women can easily raise and take good care of them.

Has a great demand in the market. So, you don’t have to worry about marketing your farm products.

Goat farming is a very popular, unique and incredible business model in Pakistan.

The another benefits of starting goat farming in Pakistan is that, ‘goat products has very solid demand in the local and international market’.

Goat farming in Pakistan costs less than establishing any other livestock animal farming business.

Require comparatively less labor and management.
You can easily raise 10 goats in the space and costs required for a cattle.

Goat farming is really a very easy and simple business, and you can start it even if you are a beginner.

Starting goat farming business in Pakistan can be performed through some easy and simple steps. We have tried my best to described the necessary steps for starting goat farming in Pakistan below.

Selecting Farm Location

Selecting a suitable location for your farm is one of the most important part of your goat farming business campaign. Select such a location where all types of necessary facilities are available.

Fresh and clean water supply, pasture or proper grazing place, market for purchasing necessary commodities, easy complementary food supply, market near your farm for selling your products, proper veterinary service etc. are the main and necessary facilities for successful goat farming business.

While selecting farm land, ensure all those facilities are available in your selected land or area.
Determine the Products You Are Going To Produce

It is very essential to determine the desired production from any business. For successful goat farming in Pakistan, make a proper decision of what type of products you are going to produce from your farm

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