#3 ITALIAN_The importance of NbS in coastal adaptation planning


This 3rd “Thursday CREATivE Talks” episode is based on the importance of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in coastal adaptation planning, in relation to the impacts of climate change. The audio of the recording is in English.
00:01 Introducing Thursday CREATivE Talks – Giacomo Cazzola, IUAV University of Venice (Italy)
00:50 Presenting the CREATE cluster project and the NbS concept – Margaretha Breil, CMCC (Italy)
12:20 Rain gardens in the urban zone of the city of Zadar, pilot project – Andrea Vitlov Kurtin, ZADRA NOVA – Zadar County Development Agency (Croatia)
25:56 Adapting to coastal and climate risks along the Emilia-Romagna coast – Daniele Capitani, Municipality of Cervia and Ravenna (Italy)
51:48 Open-air laboratories for validating Nature-based Solutions – OPERANDUM project – Prof. Silvana Di Sabatino, University of Bologna (Italy)


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