297. Passive House 101 – Anatomy of an amazing net-zero cold climate passive house


This amazing net-zero passive house is a suited bungalow that requires no furnace, even in the northern climes of Calgary, Alberta, Canada where winter temperatures can get as low as -40 Celsius. Meet Heather and Axel Sorensen of Homes by Sorensen a new breed of builders who built this super efficient home of the future that has low embodied carbon and generates all of its own electricity with a 15-kilowatt solar system on the roof.
Check out the anatomy of this innovative home that has steel-studded R50 foundation walls instead of concrete ones and uses its heat pump water heater for supplemental heat in the winter.
Also see Green Energy Futures blog at https://www.greenenergyfutures.ca/episode/stunning-net-zero-passive-house-good-to-40-with-no-furnace
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