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25 Acre High-tech Tomato Farm | Greenhouse Tomato Farming



A greenhouse sometimes referred to as a glasshouse is a structure where its walls are made of transparent material like glass, polyethylene, and nets where plants are grown under very well controlled climatic conditions. Greenhouses can be built in various sizes from small sheds to large structures that spread over hectares. Greenhouses are equipped with Heaters, Sodium Lights, and coolers to control the conditions inside the greenhouse.

Farmers prefer Green House as a viable option for Organic Farming. The main challenges in organic farming are pests, diseases, and climatic conditions. Greenhouses are best in addressing all these challenges. Pests cannot enter Greenhouses as they are enclosed and contains nets to protect from pets. Conditions inside the greenhouse can be controlled with heaters and lights. Some plants will grow in only some seasons due to the lack of suitable climatic conditions required for their growth. But in the greenhouse the crops can be cultivated throughout the year as we can control the conditions inside the greenhouse, the productivity of the Yield is very high in Green House. We can produce more yield in a small unit area of Green House.

Video Credits: BBC Harvest Series
Presented By: Gregg Wallace (, Philippa Forrester (
Director: Anthony Dalton
Producer: Lucy Smith

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25 Acre High-tech Tomato Farm | Greenhouse Tomato Farming

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Urban Farm

Afro-Andalusi culinary legacy in Mexico Ep.77



Presented by: Rocio Carvajal Food anthropologist, culture & gastronomy educator.
Episode 77

This episode explores the influence of the Andalusi culture that echoed deeply in every aspect of Spain’s society in the 16th century and the impact of the African slave trade in colonial Mexico.

But to fully understand these stories from the beginning, I will go back to the complex medieval period of the Iberian peninsula from where the seeds of empire, colonisation and slave trade originated.

There is a long list with reading material and references to help you continue exploring these fascinating topics, follow this link to see the resources:


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The music featured on this episode includes:

Concierto musica visigoda  rapax ribaroja 2018
Royalty free caribbean music. By: Freesound Music
royalty free Music by Giorgio Di Campo for FreeSound Music /
Pollypony Rec.  African Percussion [Copyright Free]  
The Arabic Oud : Oriental Instrumental Arabic Music -العود العربي


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Urban Farm





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Urban Farm

FARMING SIMULATOR 22 ⛰️ En Trentin 🌲 Prima concimazione per il vigneto con il Landini ep.17



Farming Simulator 22 – Gameplay & Tutorial – #nicko87
🤝 Partner GIANTS – Code: NICKO87
🤝 Partner NITRADO Gaming Server –
▶️ Supporto canale

📝 Ebbene si cari ragazzuoli, finalmente si inizia. Vi porto a casa mia, nel mio Bel Trentino!
Con Farming Simulator 22 finalmente si potrà fare uva come qua da me, quindi mi vedrete impegnato fra i filari, ma non solo… Anche la parte silvicoltura ovviamente! Si apriranno produzioni vitivinicole e molto altro… Tempo al tempo e… ..benvenuti in Trentino 😉

P.s. A me stevo per desmentegar: ghe sarà anca el dialet en te sti video… XD

#farmingsimulator22 #fs22

Canale dedicato principalmente a Farming Simulator

📌 Partner GIANTS: ordina qui la tua copia di Farming Simulator e/o i DLC!!! 👇
Partner Code: NICKO87

🧩 Farming Simulator 22 (PC)

🧩 Farming Simulator 22 (PC-Download)

🧩 Farming Simulator 22 – Season Pass

🚜 Farming Simulator Official Website


Come contattarmi:

💾 Link mod serie:

Cisterne e non solo
Strautmann SEK802
Store Deliveries
Extra Gears
Power Tools
Air Hose Connect Sound
Traffic Warning Signs
Paint And Terraform Anywhere
Player Speed
Massey Ferguson 3600 (Landini)
Fillable Pallet
Diesel Canister
Manual Attach
Info Message HUD
Cultivator Field Creator
Sleep Anywhere
Decorazioni giardino
AGROZET SA2-074 (Seminatrice patate)
Fliegl SK2000 (Benna per sassi)
Mod per scavare
Escavatore CASE
Unimog U400
Bloccaggio asse posteriore
FIAT 115-90
Vista cavallo I° persona
Helper cavalli


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