#215: Flower Farmer Reminder List (Best of '22 Replays)


Part of our “Best of 2022” replay series, listen again as Lisa offers some great tips for building a successful, profitable business!

In this episode, I’m sharing the reminders I wish someone would have tapped me on the shoulder to say “Remember this!” If you are an avid gardener or as I was in the beginning, a gardener gone wild– you can disregard this list. These reminders are for those that want to build a successful, profitable business:

Remember the point: to spend less money than you bring in, better known as profit. Flowers do not sell themselves. You must get up every day and keep doing it. Prevent weeds: paramount. (takes down many potential growers) Grow what sells. Stop comparing yourself. Be a professional no matter what. Every failure is a potential lesson. You can do hard things. Pick up where you are. STOP looking back. I hope this reminds and helps you. -Lisa


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