2.6 Million Pounds of Worm Castings a Year? How It's Made


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Video Timeline:
0:00 Start of Video
0:29 Why doesn’t the Urban Worm Company make its own worm castings?
0:59 Why our worm castings were different than most other suppliers’ castings
1:27 We sell to gardeners, large farms, vineyards, cannabis growers, golf courses, soil blenders, and resellers
2:08 How our supplier makes 1300 tons per year
2:48 What is a “batch method” of vermicomposting?
3:20 How worm farming is both simple and complex
4:18 The downsides of how our supplier makes worm castings
5:25 Why these worm farmers are great suppliers for Urban Worm Company customers
6:19 How to get bulk worm castings through the Urban Worm Company

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