12 Best Places to Live or Retire in Andalusia, Spain


Andalusia is famous for its beautiful Mediterranean climate, over 70 miles of sandy beaches, and romantic Moorish architecture. In addition, plenty of sunshine, fresh seafood, wine, flamenco, and a generally healthy lifestyle are just a few reasons why Andalusia is not only a popular tourist destination but also a desirable retirement location. It is a treasure when it comes to culture and historyโ€”the list of cities with ancient ruins, UNESCO sites, and incredible architecture. If you are thinking of retiring to Andalusia, there are several factors you should keep in mind. Thinking ahead, you will need to have good access to shopping facilities, medical facilities, and people who speak your language. You should also keep in mind what the ambient temperatures are in both winter and summer. So here are the 12 best places to live or retire in Andalusia.

12 Best Places to Live or Retire in Andalusia, Spain

00:01 Introduction
01:02 Jerez de la Frontera
01:55 Huelva
02:43 Nerja
03:33 Tarifa
04:28 Cadiz
05:19 Ronda
06:03 Almeria
06:53 Cordoba
07:42 Marbella
08:30 Granada
09:22 Malaga
10:13 Seville
10:58 Thanks for watching!

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