1,100+ People Living on a FARM-Turned-Biophilic COMMUNITY — Ep. 185


Steve and Marie Nygren bought a farm 25 minutes out of Atlanta, GA for their family to enjoy, but as rampant, unstructured development nipped at the heels of the surrounding land, Steve went on a long, tireless journey to figure out the best models to develop land responsibly while saving the majority as farm, field or forest. He realized that the key to conservation—at least in that area—could be through responsible development—and began looking at all the key qualities that would make an area enjoyable to live and interact with. He later turned his family’s 900-acre farm into a biophilic community and convinced hundreds of local landowners to found a new city over 40,000 acres. This is Serenbe’s story.

To find out more about the community, check out https://www.serenbe.com/


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