10 Safest Large Cities to Live in The US


What are the safest cities in the United States? The US is finding it a bit challenging in recent years, no thanks to the increasing rates of violence. According to the FBI’s most recent data, violent crimes and murder rates increased by 5.6 percent and 30 percent respectively in 2020. Just 30 years ago, it would be inconceivable that things can go this bad. In spite of the horrible news that is common, there are safe cities in the country, for those who care to know. This video will discuss in particular the 10 safest large cities to live in America. The cities to be included here have populations of over 500,000. Bear that in mind. The figures in this video are official from the FBI.
10. Sacramento, California
We love to start with the large city of Sacramento, the capital of the state of California. The city at the confluence of rivers Sacramento and American has been in existence for the past 172 years. Popularly called the City of Trees and the Farm to Fork Capital, it’s famous for its historical sites. The city’s population is 503,482, and its metro population is 2,397,916.
It plays host to those historical sites because it’s one of the 10 safest largest cities to live in America. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is as low as just 4.2 percent which means most people are busy working and who not have time to contemplate crime. No wonder, the city has a combined violent and property crime rate per 100,000 of 3,428.38.
9. Fort Worth, Texas
The state of Texas has two cities on this list of the 10 safest large cities to live in America. The first of them is Fort Worth. Known as a good trading point for cowboys in the late 19th century, the large city with the most recent population of 892,221 is peacefully hosting international institutions on its area of 355.56 square miles.
The unemployment rate of just 3.8 percent in this city is impressive. With the combined violent and property crime rate of 3,274.20 per 100,000 residents, you stand the chance 1 in 183 of becoming a victim of violent crime. Every resident of Fort Worth stands a 1 in 36 chance of becoming a victim of property crime.
8. Los Angeles, California
Don’t be surprised that we’re back in California. Even after touching on Los Angeles, we’ll still come back to California because it has several of the safest cities in America. The popular city of Los Angeles, the sprawling southern city in the state is the center of Hollywood, the nation’s film industry.
Having over 270 years of existence, the city currently has a population of 3.973 million with its metro population being 13,200,398. This city with a minimum wage of over 16 dollars an hour has a combined violent and property crime rate of 2.869.93 per 100,000 people.
7. San Jose, California
We’re still in California to find the next of the 10 safest large cities to live in America and this is San Jose. This large city that has been in existence for some 244 years is surrounded by rolling hills in Silicon Valley. It’s also a major technological hub for the Bay Area of the state. We can’t ignore the unemployment rate of 2.6 percent only in this large city with 1.029 million population and over 2 million metro population.
San Jose has been ranked as the safest, by a fairly wide margin, of the three largest cities in the Bay Area. This is quite obvious in the city’s combined violent and property crime rate of 2,741.22 per 100,000 people living in the city cited on 181.36 square miles.
6. Las Vegas, Nevada
The Nevadan city of Las Vegas, a.k.a. Vegas, the 26th-most populous city in the country is also the 6th of the 10 safest large cities in America on this list of ours. It’s the most populous city in the state and the county seat of Clark County. Anchoring the Las Vegas Valley metropolitan area, it’s the largest city within the greater Mojave Desert with a population of 653,533 and an area of 83 square miles.

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