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STEM Agriculture

10 Rice Harvesting Machine of Modern Agriculture and New Technology Amazing Rice Farming Equipment



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10 Rice Harvesting Machine of Modern Agriculture and New Technology Amazing Rice Farming Equipment
rice harvesting machine
Rice can also be harvested by a mechanized hand harvester or by a tractor/horse-drawn machine that cuts and stacks the rice stalks. In the United States, most operations use large combines to harvest and thresh—separate the grain from the stalk—the rice stalks.
Rice combine harvester is used for the harvesting of rice or wheat. A combine rice harvester can finish the whole processes of rice or wheat harvesting from harvesting, threshing and grain cleaning.
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STEM Agriculture

fruiting stage



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STEM Agriculture

धनिया फसल में लौंगिया रोग का प्रभावी कंट्रोल। Coriander Stem gall control #kheti_ka_doctor



This video contains detailed information of stem gall disease of coriander and it’s management.

#kheti_ka_doctor #coriander #stemgall #disease

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मेथी- कीट व रोगों की रोकथाम
चने में खरपतवार नियंत्रण

चने की इल्ली/लट का प्रभावी कंट्रोल

चने में उखटा/ काली जड़ रोग का कंट्रोल

मोथा व दूब घास की रोकथाम कैसे करे

गेहूं में खरपतवार (चौड़ी व सकड़ी पत्ती) नियंत्रण

डॉ सुनिल भैड़ा, Ph.D. (B.H.U., Varanasi) Scientist (Agriculture University, Kota, Rajasthan)
Editor & Chief: Ravina Choudhary


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STEM Agriculture

Modification of stem in Hindi medium for class 11th,Neet,#upcatet #catetbiology #upcatetpreparation



#educational #upcatet #icar #upcatet_practice_set


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धनिया फसल में लौंगिया रोग का प्रभावी कंट्रोल। Coriander Stem gall control #kheti_ka_doctor

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