10 Reasons Why Wendy’s Is FAILING


These are the top 10 reasons why Wendy’s is failing. Wendy’s fast food restaurants are lagging behind its biggest competitors.
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What’s going on over at the home of the red-headed mascot and iconic square burger patties? Well, let’s find out with 10 reasons why Wendy’s is failing. If you enjpoyed this video. Comment: #dubbedwithaloud #babbletop #wendys

0:00 Reasons Why Wendy’s Is FAILING
0:13 The Drive-Thru Window
1:40 Digital Dine-In Disasters
3:33 The Constant Chili Controversy
4:49 Social Media Speed Bumps
6:39 More Social Media Struggles
7:47 Wendy’s Wants New Owners
9:27 Extended Lack of European Expansion
10:31 The Missing Link in Japanese Expansion
11:57 E. Coli Outbreak
13:18 Food Poisoning Folly in Singapore

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