10 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas which requires no farming


10 Profitable Agriculture Business Ideas which requires no farming –
The significance of agriculture in this modern day and age with current global trends cannot be overemphasized. For many African economies, agriculture has proven to be a solid and trustworthy source of revenue and empowerment. In Africa, the single most significant economic sector agriculture, producing an average between 30 to 60 percent of the gross domestic product and roughly 30 percent of the value of exports, giving employment to about two thirds of the working population on the continent.
So often in the past, Agribusiness has largely been restricted to the practice that only involves the tilling of land, and planting and cultivating of crops. The concept of agriculture has evolved to now include a broad range of activities that go beyond the conventional as a result of global transformation and expansion. Today, the practices that build the Agribusiness sector have expanded massively, giving rise to a plethora of successful commercial endeavors, especially for small business. our video today examines 10 profitable agricultural business ideas which require no farming. Be sure to give the video a like, comment and subscribe.

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