The One Year Program (Consistent Synthesis Training Program)
that aims at grooming your confidence to help you leverage 300+ marks in your optional. Details About Course : https://shorturl.at/kBDGP
Features of CSTP+ (including new additions)
• Online Only
• Answer Writing Improvement Program (With frame of Answer)
• Helping aspirants with comprehension of asked question requirements and integrating thought process with writing
• Unlimited (20-25 Questions per month) Answer Writing Practice with feed back by Neetu Singh
• Provision for personal doubt clearing sessions with Neetu Singh
• Additional tips for content development , presentation and time management
• Open for all Geography optional students preparing for main 2023-24
• Aims at helping aspirants attain 300+ marks
• One Year Support Program
• Online Feedback classes, every month
Admission Open ( Program is commencing from 16th July)
Fee for program is Rs. 6500/- (incl. GST @ 18%).
Detailed Test Schedule
Oceanography, Climatology & Indian Climate:
16 July-16 August
16th July Bottom topography of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans; Temperature and salinity of the oceans; Heat and salt budgets,
23rd July Ocean deposits; Waves, currents and tides; Marine resources: biotic, mineral and energy resources; Coral reefs, coral bleaching; sea-level changes; law of the sea and marine pollution.
30th July Temperature and pressure belts of the world; Heat budget of the earth; Atmospheric circulation; atmospheric stability and instability. Planetary and local winds;
6th August Air masses and front genesis, Temperate and tropical cyclones; Types and distribution of precipitation; Weather and Climate; Koppen’s, Thornthwaite’s and Trewartha’s classification of world climates; Hydrological cycle;
13th August Global climatic change and role and response of man in climatic changes, Applied climatology and Urban climate. Monsoons and jet streams; Mechanism of Indian monsoons and rainfall patterns, Tropical cyclones and western disturbances; Floods and droughts; Climatic regions;
Biogeography & Environmental Geography (Indian Vegetation & Soil)
16 August-16 September
20th August Genesis of soils; Classification and distribution of soils; Soil profile; Soil erosion, Degradation and conservation; Factors influencing world distribution of plants and animals; Wild life; Major gene pool centers. ETC
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