#028 | let’s plant Armenian Cucumber NOW! ( Zone 9b)


Armenian cucumber will never fail you!! This is drought tolerant and heat tolerant, and thrives HOT Arizona climate!! So if you live in Zone 9b, please make sure to get the seed ASAP!

== My Dream Green Villa ==

Do you want to create a thriving garden that feeds your family?
Do you want to teach kids where foods come from?
Do you seek to belong in a community where children can grow together?

Humans have been cultivating beautiful relationships with family and neighbors through farming, for centuries. Now we live in a modern world and it’s difficult to connect with mother earth.
We need to connect to mother earth, more than ever.
My goal is to help you start your beautiful garden.
My dream is to grow more sustainable communities.

Are you ready to begin your gardening journey?
Join my youtube channel “My Dream Green Villa” Today, and receive tips for your thriving life!
Let’s grow together.

:: KYOKO KOKO – Garden Whisperer ::
We love gardening! Growing our own food brings so much joy. Urban farming, or backyard gardening is a great solution to raise happy family and environmentally conscious children. We can teach kids so much through growing vegetables. I grew up in a farm community in Japan, and my parents & grandparents taught me how to become a garden whisperer. But the challenge of Arizona’s devastating summer heat made me realize the power of right knowledge about gardening. We grow most of our veggies from seeds, and sometimes it teaches patience. We harvest fresh veggies and herbs for our table. The 120 degrees heat in summer is also challenging in a desert environment but that also challenges us to continue to learn about drought tolerant plants, water conservation, and living conscious life.

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