👀Hidden London🔎 – Growing Underground (Commercial Urban Hydroponic Farm)


I participated in the tour of the WWII war banker turned into a very successful sustainable urban farm! Growing Underground
This is the 7th part of the 9 parts series of my submission for The Youth Industrial Strategy Competition 2019 and Crest Silver Award.

🥬🥬🥬Thank you so much Growing Underground🥬🥬🥬
Please check out their website!

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0:42 A 🎥Film Maker🎞 runs a successful sustainable urban farming business
1:03 Hidden London
1:20 Health and Safety issue – Crest Sliver Award
1:55 A sustainable urban farm uses only naturally produced energy
2:30 Reasons why Growing Underground is a successful business
3:34 How they grow their micro Green
6:05 The Third Industrial Revolution
7:53 A Fully Automatic Urban farm to help the Ageing Society


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