🎉 Happy New Year + Gun Violence Vigil + Gotham Greens In Gowanus


Happy New Year, Brooklyn! I’m here with your first edition of the Brooklyn Daily for 2023. Come along to find out the most important things going on around town, including updates on:

  • Gun violence vigil honors victims in first annual day of recognition
  • Gotham Greens is growing lettuce on the top of urban buildings . . . without soil
  • Various to-dos for your New Years Day 🎉

But first, today’s weather:

💨 Breezy. High: 55 Low: 37.

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Here are the top stories today in Brooklyn:

1. As 2022 came to a close, New Yorkers attended a Brooklyn vigil on Friday to honor gun violence victims. Their message was short and simple: ‘Guns down, life up.’ Swaths gathered on December 30 outside of the Barclays Center for what marks the first annual “National Day of Remembrance for Gun-Related Homicide Victims” vigil to morn those who have lost their lives to gun violence. Mayor Eric Adams and Andre “AT” Mitchell, the city’s gun violence czar, were among those who took part in the event, along with families and friends of victims, numerous anti-violence organizations. Standing in solidarity, cities across the nation, like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Baltimore, to name a few, joined in the call to end gun violence in this country.


2. And as the city commemorated its dead, yet another 17-year-old was fatally shot inside a Brooklyn apartment building on Friday. The teenage boy was shot in the back at 2201 Caton Ave. in Flatbush at around 8:55 p.m., according to NYPD. He was taken to a regional hospital where he was pronounced dead. Gun violence continues to victimize the city’s youth—according to NYPD data, as of December 18, 149 youngsters under the age of 18 had been shot in New York City (a 3% increase over 2021)—and this latest act is yet another tragic reminder.

New York Post

3. A massive greenhouse has taken over the roof of a Whole Foods in Gowanus, showing New Yorkers the future of sustainable farming. The company running this superfood operation is called Gotham Greens, and the Gowanus greenhouse isn’t their first rodeo; In fact, the company operates commercial-scale sustainable hydroponic greenhouses in urban areas all over the United States. What exactly is a hydroponic greenhouse? Strangely enough, hydroponic means that these farms grow plants without any soil. And what does this mean for the future of food production? Hydroponic technology has cut a clear path for sustainable growing and fighting food insecurity: Since they don’t rely on soil or specific environmental conditions, hydroponic greenhouses can be implemented anywhere from large urban areas to dry, arid landscapes. That’s right, you could grow lettuce in the middle of the desert! Learn more about Gotham Greens and our hydroponic future at the link below.

Business Insider

4. Gearing up for an adventure? As of yesterday, you won’t need to go far. On the last day of 2022, Urban Air Adventure Park hosted its first official grand opening event to celebrate its new Brooklyn location just five blocks from Costco and Industry City. Doors opened at 10 a.m. with a DJ and donuts for those waiting in line. Some of the park’s key attractions include climbing walls, virtual reality experiences, a warrior course, and a spin zone. According to Brooklyn location owner Ari Moses, adventurers of all ages are welcome to visit the park—and they can do so every day of the week!

City Life Org

Today in Brooklyn:

  • Sunday Afternoon Folk Jam, Strong Rope Brewery, Today @ 2 p.m. | Details
  • New Years Day with Dope Jams, Public Records, Today @ 4 p.m. | Details
  • New Years Day Family Bowl, Brooklyn Bowl, Today @ 5 p.m. | Details
  • Inoki: Guy J’s New Years Day Marathon, 3 Dollar Bill, Today @ 5 p.m. | Details
  • Bubbles & Bass: Seize The Day, House of Yes, Today | Details

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Now you’re in the loop and ready to head out the door on this Sunday. See you all tomorrow for another update!

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