🌱 Sustainable food production: Optimising vertical farming with sensors by ifm [Use-Case]


[Subtitles] Urban Crop solutions is an end-to-end solution provider for the indoor vertical farming industry that uses several ifm sensors. Urban Crop’s concern is to bring the production of plants closer to the point of consumption or processing for industries like food, agriculture, industry and biotech. Through vertical farming, Urban Crop wants to address the challenges our planet is faced with through growing population, growing urbanisation, and lack of industrial or agricultural land by combining technology and biology. ifm is assisting Urban Crop at this goal through reliability and fast costumer service. In ten different research labs every single parameter of plant growth is investigated to carry out optimisations and to maximise the efficiency and return on investment for the customers. Therefore, each research lab has their own purpose and technological implementations when it comes down to research on different temperatures, lighting settings, and different vision technologies. ifm has proved to be a reliable partner who acts in a solution-oriented and customer-oriented manner.

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