⭐ Open Forum: The Evolution of Urban Life #WEF23 #Davos


⭐ DESCRIPTION: More than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and this is expected to increase to almost 70% by 2050.

How can we ensure the cities of the future are environmentally sustainable and socially resilient?

📌Rima Maktabi
UK Bureau Chief, Al Arabiya
📌Diane Binder
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Regenopolis
📌Alice Casiraghi
Global Shaper, Milan Hub
📌Desmond Lee
Minister for National Development and Minister-in-Charge of Social Services Integration, Ministry of National Development of Singapore
📌Jocelyn Formsma
Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Friendship Centres
📌Adel bin Ahmed Al Jubeir
Minister of State for Foreign Affairs; Member of the Council of Ministers and Envoy for Climate Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia

📌 World Economic Forum
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